Renewing your Business through a Transformation Process

Synecon helps your organization to succeed with your collaboration partners. Our expertise lies in understanding how to develop inter-organizational business relationships in the face of digitalization. We work both with individual organizations and with several collaborating organizations that want to renew their business through developing their business relationships towards the ecosystem-way of conducting business.

Synecon renews your business through a transformation process. After the successful transformation, your organization and your collaboration partners:

  • Share understanding about the new value created in the business ecosystem that applies the technologies and new business models brought by digitalization.
  • Share understanding about the collaborative work tasks
  • Have developed new customer-oriented development ideas and/or prototypes.
  • Have committed to implementing the collaboratively decided tasks
  • Have created trust between collaborating individuals and organizations.

Co-creation Workshops

The transformation process consists of several co-creation workshops that help the collaborating organizations in the renewal and continuous learning. Synecon takes care of all the responsibilities in preparing and organizing the workshops. Before the workshops, we interview all key persons to understand their background and motivation towards changing the practices of their organizations. The knowledge from the interviews is used to help the workshop participants in understanding each other’s perspectives to the collaborative development.

Co-creation workshops are intended to help organizations in inventing new ideas. The workshops also help organizations in creating a shared understanding of the collaborative path towards a brighter future. We invite also potential customers into the workshops. The workshops vary in duration, typically between two and four hours. We use visual tools to help workshop participants in sharing knowledge and creating shared knowledge.

Business Hacks

The transformation process can also include a business hack. The business hack is a workshop that helps the (collaborating) organizations in understanding whether their digital prototype or idea has business potential in the market. We invite potential customers from different industries and investors in the business hack to try the prototype and provide their opinion on it.

Business hacks originate from the idea of ‘traditional hackathons’ (for example AEC Hackathon) that are usually weekend-long events where software developers, graphic designers and project owners work intensively on a digital idea/prototype that can solve a current and important problem.

Expert Presentations

We possess the latest research-based knowledge on managing business ecosystems, inter-organizational relationships, business networks, and business processes. We have also researched the digitalization and new collaborative ways of working in the architecture, engineering and construction sector. We also have experience in the media and financial sectors.

Synecon offers 2-3 hours expert presentations on these and similar topics. Please, contact us if you are interested in understanding

  • What are business ecosystems?
  • How to develop and manage business ecosystems?
  • How to work in different kinds of inter-organizational relationships (alliance projects and integrated project delivery)?
  • How to organize hackathons?
  • What is virtual design and construction (VDC)?


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