Synecon Ltd was formed in 2017 to support organizations in the challenges of digital transformation. The challenges are not only technological but also organizational and sometimes also related to politics and environment. We have witnessed many times that lack of vision, shared understanding, and motivation impede development. What is needed is a successful collaboration between all interested stakeholders.

We have over 10 years of experience in organizing transformation processes that consist of co-creation workshops and business hacks with several private and public organizations. Our experience lies in the real estate and construction sector as well as in the media and financial sectors.

Antero Hirvensalo, D.Sc.(Tech.), managing director at Synecon, has extensive experience in research, development and practical activities in real estate and construction, and in strategic urban development and project digitalisation. He has also worked in the practical construction of Trähus ab and in Elintila oy as a project manager for renovation projects. mde
Jarmo Lehto, eMBA, HHJ, Jalecon Ltd and Advisor at Synecon, is a pioneer of modern digitalization. Jarmo has strong technical expertise in both the commercialization of digital solutions and their utilization in the traditional industry. He also has 20 years of experience in building and managing business networks. Jarmo_Lehto


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